Consulting for electrical and plant safety

Consulting for a legally compliant organization
of your electrotechnical part of the company

Laws, guidelines, regulations – there are a lot to consider in the field of electrical systems. We advise and support you with regard to which technical regulations and regulations and laws if valid for the operation of your electrical systems and which steps are necessary to comply with these regulations.

The six most common mistakes that can quickly become expensive

  • Checks are not carried out at all
  • Audits are not performed correctly or are documented incorrectly
  • Risk assessments are not available
  • Relevant standards are not observed or are not known
  • Insufficient qualified staff is deployed
  • There is a lack of a responsible electrician in the company

Fines and imprisonment can be the result

If an accident occurs as a result of a failed inspection or non-compliance with a regulation, then not only your company is liable, but also the entrepreneurs themselves or the managing directors may be personally liable. In the case of property damage and personal injury, not only fines, but even imprisonment may be threatened.

There are many guidelines, many standards – and many necessary measures. We keep an eye on these for you and advise you personally and individually.

Our expert advice gives you the good feeling of being on the safe side and can prevent expensive penalties or other consequences.

Evaluation of safety-related systems and controls

The Industrial Safety Ordinance stipulates that only safe equipment and machines may be used. Therefore, systems and controls must also be evaluated.
Especially with older machines or systems, sufficient documentation is often no longer available. Whether the systems and controls are installed in accordance with standards that cannot be read from the existing documents. That is why these systems are intensively tested by us. You will receive the evaluation and the list of any necessary measures in a clear form.

Our services include:

Ensure reliable systems, less downtime, higher employee satisfaction and greater operational reliability. By eliminating the weak points, you not only prevent annoying failures, but also avoid endangering your employees.

Support for CE conformity according to machine, low voltage and EMC directives

Machines must undergo risk assessments in accordance with the Machinery Directive and the EC conformity procedure so that they can be used in a legally compliant manner. The procedure as well as the specifications are quite complex and also change from time to time. We support you throughout the entire process up to the CE marking.

We have already gone through the CE conformity process with many customers and are very familiar not only in theory, but also in practice. What exactly do the documents have to look like? What must be included there and in what order? Which tests are really necessary?

We take care of all these aspects for you by creating not only the exams, but also the documents for you. Benefit from our experience and let us bring your machine to the CE mark.

With us you have a reliable partner at your side – you no longer have to worry about almost anything yourself or familiarize yourself with the extensive topic. By the way, we are also happy to help with self-construction!

What project can we support you with? Make an appointment for a personal consultation.

Electrical audit

Are you unsure about the condition of your electrical equipment? There are always problems, malfunctions or even accidents? If the facts become public, then the closure of parts of the company by authorities may be threatened. Time to get active! But this is often easier said than done, because this requires special technical know-how and, above all, free time from suitable specialists, if they are available. Employees who have been looking after the plant for a long time could also be somewhat operationally blind. An independent and discreet audit can be the solution!

We inspect your electrical systems, analyse the associated documentation and evaluate the professional qualifications of your employees for the project. You will receive structured action plans that are prioritized according to urgency.

This gives you an independent, unbiased assessment of the condition of your electrical systems and recommended measures to ensure operational safety. They then know what to do and, above all, what they should do in the short to medium term to avoid closures or sanctions.

Do you want to be on the safe side?

Let us advise you professionally – for the feeling of operating your systems as safely as possible. Prevent industrial accidents and machine failures and avoid penalties or other consequences. Make an appointment and let’s talk about your requirements and your situation together.

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