How to update your machine to
a state of the art model

As the operator of an aging machine or industrial plant, you face a variety of challenges. Do these situations sound familiar?

However, the machine is otherwise completely fine and the robust housing has some advantages. A new machine or new plant would also be an option but is costly and time-consuming due to the necessary dismantling and reconstruction, possibly even requiring a new foundation?

We have the right solution for this problem. As part of a retrofit, we bring your machine up to date with the latest control and safety technology. Parts of the machine will be retained but will be adapted to current developments, thanks to modern peripherals.

In addition to compliance with legal regulations, the advantage for you as a plant operator lies in simplified operation through intuitive human-machine interfaces, improved productivity, and increased reliability. – And all this without the purchase of a new machine.

Retrofitting usually costs less than a new purchase. It is a resource-saving and sustainable investment.“

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more productivity

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savings on new purchases

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time-savings for new purchases

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energy savings

How you benefit from retrofitting

Modern actuators and drives ensure state-of-the-art technology in your existing machines. By retrofitting we can eliminate the weaknesses of any older machines, as mentioned above.

Is your machine ready for Industry 4.0?

In addition to the adaptations of actuators, drives etc., we are also happy to adapt your machine to the requirements of Industry 4.0 as part of the retrofit. By using modern control systems, we prepare your plant or machine for future integration into your machine network. The required machine and process data are stored in the plant, e.g. production key figures, OEE, energy indicators, maintenance messages and much more.

In the future, you will have a direct overview of all important data, and your are able to identify further optimization possibilities and thus gain an advantage over the competition.

Here you will find more possibilities about our automation technology.

Examples of implemented retrofits

We have already implemented retrofits in a wide variety of industries, both domestically and internationally. The machines that we have retrofitted so far include, for example, filter press systems, annealing furnaces, vacuum extrusion presses, tensile testing systems, glaze systems, automatic lathes, separation systems and test machines. Specifically designed machines are particularly suitable for retrofits.

We can also bring your machine up-to-date with the latest technology, because we work across multiple industries such as:

We look forward to your project.”

Do you have questions about retrofit?

Which machine would you like to have adapted to the latest technology? Do you have general or specific questions about retrofit? We are happy to advise you individually and personally. Write us a message and arrange a free and non-binding consultation appointment!

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