Electrical installations

Installations of power distributors, industrial plants and telecommunications equipment

Do you need planning and implementation of energy distribution, e.g. for conversions or new buildings? Or do errors occur on an electrical installation that you cannot fix yourself? Is your lighting is getting old and could be better? With many years of experience, we ensure optimized planning and smooth implementation of your electrical installations or correct existing errors quickly and easily.

Our services in the field of electrical installation include the planning, cable laying and installation of distributors, overcurrent protection devices, residual current circuit breakers, miniature circuit breakers, luminaires, electrical appliances, electrical machines, sensors such as motion detectors and twilight switches, switches, buttons and sockets as well as the final measurement of the effectiveness of the protective measures.

We build and plan CE-compliant low-voltage distribution systems, meter systems and sub-distribution systems. CE-compliant control cabinets are also implemented at SYNERGY FOUR.

Power distributors
Buildings and offices
Industrial plants
Telecommunications equipment

Can we plan or install for you?

Do you need help at short notice to bring your electrical installation back to a working condition? Or are you planning a conversion that requires a new installation? Do you want to optimize your lighting? Whatever your role is for us, we look forward to hearing from you and getting to know you personally.

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