Plant, machinery and electrical equipment
must be checked regularly

Almost every plant, machine and electrical device must be regularly inspected. This is prescribed by various directives and regulations. The examination must be carried out by someone who has a high professional qualification and thus qualifies him for the examinations. The necessary measuring equipment requires high investments.

Reasons enough to place these exams in experienced, reliable hands. We ensure a professional inspection of your systems and support you in setting test periods, preparing risk assessments and documenting the measures.

Inspection of mobile equipment

Electronic, mobile (i.e. movable) equipment must be subjected to regular tests, e.g. according to VDE0701/0702. According to DGUV regulation 3, every employer must provide safe work equipment and prove this through regular inspections. Property insurers also require regular audits.

Your equipment will be inspected by SYNERGY FOUR in accordance with these guidelines. You will then receive documentation that reduces the need for discussion, e.g. in the “examination of the examination”, since the examinations were carried out by an independent, qualified third party.

As part of a maintenance contract, we will remind you in good time of upcoming tests and contact you to make an appointment. So, no exam is forgotten and you are on the safe side.

Initial and Repeat Testing of Electrical Eystems

Electrical systems must be regularly inspected for safe operation. These tests must also be carried out after repairs, modifications and, in the case of newly constructed installations. We ensure a professional inspection of these systems so that you can meet and prove the requirements.

  • Tests according to VDE0105 and VDE0100-600 (for plants)
  • Tests according to VDE0113 (for machines)
  • Prescribed tests are carried out and documented by us as a qualified third party
  • You avoid high repair costs and consequential damage if errors are detected in good time during the inspection
  • The tests offer protection against unnecessary downtime of the machines and systems
  • Logged audits serve as proof to the employers’ liability insurance associations and insurance companies in the event of a claim

Prevent accidents and claims for damages with the checks and benefit from possible premium advantages of your insurance company.

Overrun time measurement

In order to comply with safety regulations, the overrun time of a machine or plant must be measured to determine the safety distance. In order to ensure a safe shutdown of the machine or system at the right time, the coordination of hazardous movements (e.g. trailing axes) with the respective protective device (e.g. light curtains/light curtains, laser scanners, two-hand controls, pressure mats) is absolutely necessary. Proof of the correct safety distance for the respective overrun time must be provided by the manufacturer or operator of the system.

This measurement involves milliseconds – a suitable measuring instrument is therefore very expensive. If the device is not used regularly, the purchase is not worthwhile. Therefore, rely on Synergy Four for your caster measurement – our technicians will carry out the necessary measurements with the necessary expertise and modern test equipment and document the tests for you in a legally compliant manner.

Short-term audits

Keeping track of all dates, deadlines and guidelines is not always easy. Have you noticed that your company is overdue for some equipment, plants or machines? So that your company does not become liable in the event of an accident, you should have these tests carried out and documented as soon as possible!

Contact us and we will arrange an appointment for the exams at short notice.

What exams do you need?

We would be happy to advise you comprehensively and personally on the necessary tests. And, of course, we also carry them out professionally. Contact us for an appointment!

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